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Our equipment

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We use a state-of-the-art steam cleaner which is a unique and innovative cleaning solution. The advantages of this system are endless. How many companies, which claim to use eco-friendly equipment, can say they only use 4 pints (about 2 litres) of water to wash the car? In fact our steam cleaner uses 95% less water than a conventional washer.

It effectively washes various surfaces using steam with high temperature and relatively low yet powerful pressure. It does not require any water reclaim or waste water filtration which lets us operate everywhere.

Safe and friendly

This technology is not only eco-friendly but also safe for children and pets travelling in the car and what is very important for car lovers – paintwork friendly! It is quiet in operating and very effective in killing bacteria, gems and allergens inside the car which makes it a perfect cleaning solution for allergy and asthma sufferers. Our steam cleaner is European standard certified (CE - Conformité Européenne), produced by company ISO 9001 certified and covered by Public Liability insurance.

Car cosmetics

We use only the highest quality products of renowned brands such as: MEGUIARS and AUTO FINESSE for our typical services but for real automobile enthusiasts we can also offer (upon request and for an additional fee) the premium cosmetics of SWISSVAX, ZYMOL and AMMO NYC.

Absolutely no mess left after our fully professional job as we use top quality products and the very latest car wash technology!


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